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Are we ready to get rid of print completely?

Last week, U.S. News & World Report, a monthly news print publication, announced it will no longer be distributing print copies of it’s reports. Cutting back on print and switching to digital is a rising trend in society. This lead me to question, are we really ready to get rid of print resources completely?

Call me old school if you want. Personally, whenever I am waiting for a Metra or passing time before an appointment of any sort, grabbing a magazine or print newspaper is what helps me pass the time. There is something about holding a magazine in your hand and being able to see it in a regular font size that makes me feel like I can never completely turn away from print. I know many that love their Kindle devices for reading books, but I still love to buy hard copies of books and read them.


There is one aspect where digital will reign over print any day: timeliness. Breaking news is sent to Twitter and RSS feeds instead of the local papers. The instantaneous word of mouth provided in the digital realm is one force that will win over print any day. Print can’t compete with technology in this aspect since timing is everything in the news. One point, digital.


With iPads all the new craze, newspaper subscribers are logging in to read the latest digest instead of going to the newsstand. But what about magazines? I still love my monthly subscriptions to Chicago magazine and Elle, and don’t plan on giving those up for the digital world anytime soon. Actually, that’s one of the only times a day when I am not in front of a computer screen. One point, print magazines.

Technology overload

Maybe it is the takeaway from the technology world for me. Trying to find a time a day where you aren’t in front of a computer screen is becoming a bigger trend then ever. And with Gen-Y’s out in the business workforce, technology is pointing at them in all directions. It’s nice every once in awhile to just take a break. That’s when print comes back into my world.

What do you think? Do you read magazines/newspapers online or in print? Are you ready to ditch print?

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