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Where have we been all summer?

If you look at the archives of this blog, you’ll notice that we’ve been quiet since June. Ooooh we broke a cardinal rule of blogging!

I’m kidding. But there’s an actual reason behind this hiatus: We had nothing to blog about.

Kim and I were heavy on blogging about social media, but after a while it seemed like we were saying the same thing over and over. And you know what? That’s what it seemed like everyone else was doing too. Guaranteed if you go look at blog of a social media “guru,” you will find a post written in 2011 that is almost the same thing they said in 2009.

That’s not really our purpose here. We’re not blogging for business or to make money, so we don’t have to adhere to a frequency of posts. We also don’t have an audience who relies on us for our advice. That is the end goal, of course, but in order to get there we need to change it up.

Welcome to the new Gen Wise Perspective. It’s still our voice and our Gen Y point of view, but we’re going to focus on the things we live and breathe every day: challenges in the workplace, new obstacles we must overcome with clients, things we learned the hard way, controversies, differences in opinion based on age, major shifts in society, people/actions that inspire use…basically anything that significantly impacts us in some way.

We hope you’ll find value in what we have to say. That “value” is completely up to you…we just hope you don’t leave wondering why you wasted a few minutes reading anything we had to say.

Stay tuned for more posts to come. We’re back!


Where do you go for a refreshing, unique point of view?

I asked this question to the Twittersphere yesterday after I realized that I’m extremely sick of reading the same opinions over and over. I understand that’s part of what happens when you stick to reading about a certain industry, which is why I’m thrilled that Kim borrowed me a copy of her new favorite play: Spring Awakening. It’s nice to mix it up every now and then.

I also enjoy reading sci-fi/fantasy novels for the same reason. Sometimes I just need a break from hearing about how to do _[fill in the blank]_ best with social media. I’m grateful that most of my friends are not in this industry and keep me from talking about this day and night.

Sometimes I just want to hear from someone who’s not spouting a bunch of bs. This week I was happy to encounter Joey Strawn. Joey’s blog posts always provide humor and get to the point. They’re not a bunch of fluff. It’s very refreshing.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Here are some of the responses to my question “Where do you go for a refreshing, unique point of view?”

@IsaacSalazar my family and cab drivers

@ryanstephens Nobody in particular for me. I like checking out TEDx talks. Other than that I’ll look at a few people’s delicious bookmarks.

@willias1 normally id go straight to you, but if you’re asking everyone for new ideas, I’m not sure where that leaves me. #Scratchinghead

@jasonarican Depends on what sort of insight, but I like to go places that I know have opinions different from mine for a fresh perspective

@JasMollica I usually find something new in my Twitter feed that gives me refreshing insight. You just have to look!

@justicewordlaw I check out various youtube videos and then check out some of the top blogs I go to daily

@Jennilynn4 I get up from my desk and take a walk outside. It helps me clear my head/think.

@biggreenpen a kid (for refreshing/unique) or someone of a different gender/generation/nationality/ethnicity

@ryanknapp I tend to pop around on other people’s twitter accts or follow hashtags, see if anyone new stands out.

@jordankelley23 Sometimes it’s nice to go to an outsider thats not involved w/ the situation. Their advice is fresh & their opinion isn’t biased

@Kimberly_Lucio Jill Felska (@felska) because she takes each experience she has and shares it on her blog in a way that everyone can learn from it

What about you? Where do you go to get a different perspective and/or insight?

(thank you to Google images and for the pic) 

How has Charlie Sheen amused you today?

Although Charlie Sheen might actually be out of his mind, the guy is highly amusing. Instead of speculating about his habits (I mean, he told us to “back off on the judgment” after all) I thought I’d just share a few things that will help you get one step closer to achieving Charlie’s tiger blood.

We can’t all be F-18s, but we can be bi-winners.

So, win here:

Live the Sheen Dream. This is a Charlie Sheen quote generator. Hilarious. Click on his head for a new Charlie Sheen quote to appear. I promise you will be LOLing at your computer.

Stark-Raving Mad Libs. Plug in a few words to Vanity Fair’s Mad Lib creator and you’ll create your very own customized Charlie Sheen rant. Did you know I’m on a drug called Jackie Lampugnano? Just saying.

AOL also outlined a few other humorous Charlie Sheen sites out there.

Are there other ones I haven’t found yet? Link to them in the comments please. I’m always looking for new ways to be amused by Charlie.

Bring it!

(Image from

What blogs can’t you live without?

Like most others in our field, Jackie and I spend a lot of time reading blogs. We are constantly looking for ways to learn more, engage more, and share more, and the blog realm is the perfect place for that.

Whether it be a blog about the industry or a blog about fashion, Jackie and I decided to make a list that shows the blogs that keep us coming back. The ones that we learn from the most, and make us hit the subscribe button. Here is our list:

Gini DietrichSpin Sucks

Gini, aside from being a sweetheart and having immaculate taste in shoes, is one of the smartest PR pros you’ll encounter. Why? Because she understands where the industry is headed and discusses t how we can get there. Her blog counters the stereotypes of PR, she will never refer to herself as an “expert” and she always has good advice. Gini is also one of the most engaging people in the social world–talk to her, ask her questions…she will answer you every time.

Recommended read – PR Pros: Stop Treating Bloggers Like Second-Class Media

Twitter – @ginidietrich

Jason MollicaOne Guy’s Journey

Not only is Jason one of the nicest and most approachable people in the business, he also has the writing capabilities to back it up. Jason’s blog goes through industry topics, personal stories, and everything else in between. The wide range of topics discussed keep Jackie and I interested, and you should definitely check it out if you haven’t.

Recommended read – The Power Inside

Twitter – @JasMollica

Lauren Fernandez LAF

Lauren, co-founder of #U30Pro on Twitter and PR professional, is one of the best in the PR world and her writing speaks for itself. Her blog covers topics that young pros want to read about, and gives her perspective on how things are looked at from Gen Y’s eyes.

Recommended read – The Art of Being Simple and the Bicameral Mind

Twitter – @cubanalaf

Keith StoeckelerAll that inspires me

If you have a creative mind and are constantly looking to draw inspiration, this blog is for you. From quotes to photographs, each post will make you stop and think about what the image is really trying to convey – and how you perceive it can be completely different from the next person.

Recommended read – Listen More

Twitter – @KeithStoeckeler

Danny BrownThe Human Side of Social Media and the Social Side of Marketing

Danny’s blog title will tell you pretty much everything it’s about, but why we absolutely love reading it is because it provides a refreshing point of view on the topics we discuss over and over…and over. He’s very witty and there’s always something in the post that will make you chuckle. The best part about Danny is that he has great ideas but doesn’t take himself too seriously. You can learn a lot from him–this is definitely a blog you won’t regret subscribing to.

Recommended read – 9 Points on Why I’m Not a Social Media Expert

Twitter – @DannyBrown

Grasie MercedesActing & Styling

If you love fashion advice, stylist inspiration, and fun video posts, definitely check out what Grasie is up to. The blog looks at both men’s and women’s fashion, and also shows you what’s coming next in the season. If that isn’t reason enough – Grasie recently landed a gig on the Style Network sharing her insight into the fashion world! How awesome is that? Definitely check out what she’s been up to.

Recommended read – Spring Preview

Twitter – @GrasieMercedes

Chris Stearns Pondering Pura Vida

Chris is a huge sports fan, and engages with tons of young pros on twitter. He is active in #SportsPRChat and #U30Pro chats almost every week, and always has great advice to bring to the table. His blog discusses his bucket list for life, key things he has learned from past experiences, and what is next to come.

Recommended read – My Big Question – What is next?

Twitter – @PuraVidaChris

What are your favorite blogs? Add them in our comments section.

What do Twitter nerds say on Valentine’s Day?

I love someecards. They’re highly inappropriate yet awesome ways to get a good laugh. Talk about Gen Y and our love for finding humor online and sharing it virally with one another.

So, when I saw this one I couldn’t help but share it with everyone. Being that I’m a huge Twitter nerd, this is my V-day love for all of the Tweeps out there. Love you guys!

What is your biggest phone “fail” moment?

While we are usually giving our perspective on industry hot topics, we decided for our Friday post that we would do something that most can relate to.

Gen-Y is known for their texting addiction. But have you ever texted someone or received a text that just didn’t sound right? Well you can thank auto correct for that one. The site Damn You Auto Correct is becoming an internet sensation for all of the awkward and hilarious situations that auto correct cell phones can put you in. Jackie and I turned to the Twitter stream to find some more funny moments.

Lauren Fernandez (@cubanalaf): Only “appropriate” one is when I texted Chris (my ex) to take the baby out of the fridge…… and meant bacon 😛 Hilarity ensued.

(@cubanalaf) Best one I ever received….. my friend Shaulty texted me “I have a bad case of the manboobs” and meant “Mondays”

Jason Mollica (@JasMollica): Honestly had my BB recommend F**K for function. I was writing “I’m heading to a function tonight.”

Jake Cripe (@JakeCripe) : mine has changed “coughing” to “coming”…#awkwardtexttomymother

Andrew Cross (@andrew_w_cross): Texting “Asian” to “Brian” (same 5 keys). Brian is Asian.

Seth Drury (@sethdrury): my phone used to always say “polio” when I meant “lol.” Also I use the word “uber” and it always extends it to “ubersexual.”

What is your awkward texting moment? Add it to our comments section. Happy Friday!

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving! This is just a quick post to thank all of our readers for tuning in (or should I say clicking in?) and listening to us rant. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys.  We truly are thankful for each and every one of you!

Jackie and I will both be heading out to visit family this weekend (and watching NFL games of course), so good luck to all those cooking and happy shopping to those going out on Black Friday. Jackie and I will be attending both an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and a Mad Men themed holiday party next month. Look forward to some pictures from those…

What’s Up?

This is just an introduction post from Kim and me saying hello to everyone (probably just our moms and co-workers-ha!) reading this blog. The post is entitled “what’s up?” because I don’t know any other generation except for ours that uses the phrase “what’s up?” as a greeting, and because most of our posts will begin with a question instead of telling you how to do things.

You’ll find posts on the blog that talk about marketing strategies (mainly digital), PR tactics, and of course social media. There might be a few other things that fall under the umbrella as well. We’re going to tell it to you from our point of view as Gen Yers. As recent college grads, we’ll also post on breaking into those industries as well as what you can do to succeed in them.

We both wanted to begin blogging because we have lots of thoughts and we’re news/Twitter junkies who can’t get enough of this stuff. But we figured that we should let you know we aren’t trying to be experts — we’re just providing a point of view from a generation that grew up with technology and the Internet (for the most part, anyway).

Kim and I are very friendly, goofy, all-around happy people so always feel free to reach out to us with your thoughts. If you think of a good blog post idea, let us know and we’ll write about it. If there’s something you’re wondering about Gen Y please come to the source. We’ll do our best to guide you.

You can find out more about us on the About Us page. We look forward to engaging with you!

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