Gen Wise Perspective

Gen Y's perspective (pun intended) on our journey through work, life, and everything in between.

About Us

Gen Wise Perspective (our little pun on “Gen Y’s perspective”) is exactly what it sounds like: A Gen Y point of view.

As marketers, we know one of the biggest topics of conversation is about  The Millennial. There are countless amounts of studies and articles on us–how to market/sell to us, how we behave in the workplace, how to manage us, or how we use technology, and so on.

For that reason, we decided to share our Millennial perspective on topics surrounding what we love, as well as the things we live and breathe every day: PR, web content management and design, social media, technology, startups, and our overall experience with them both personally and in the workplace.

We might not be seasoned veterans in the industry, but we do have the inside scoop on the inner workings of Gen Y’s mind.

As Gen Yers, we tend to be all about over-sharing and TMI on the Internet so please feel free to share your thoughts with us.

(Note: The opinions on this blog are not affiliated with our employer)

About Kim Lucio

Kim is an interactive marketer and writer who loves all things digital. She currently works with the web team at Walker Sands Communications to write content and produce new, innovative marketing campaigns. A recent alum of Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication, Kim received her degree in advertising and public relations.

In her spare time, Kim loves the theater scene and is always checking out shows in the city. A Chicago native, she is obsessed with the Chicago Bulls and is learning to play guitar (slowly but surely). She is a Twitter addict that you can connect with here.

You can email Kim at with any questions or just to say hey.

About Jackie Lampugnano

Jackie is a PR pro with special interests in tech startups and social media. She’s currently an Account Executive at Walker Sands Communications and works with B2B and B2C clients in a wide range of industries, including mobile, marketing, eCommerce, as well as various startups. Like Kim, Jackie graduated from Loyola Chicago with a degree in public relations/advertising and marketing.

On Sundays in the fall you will probably find Jackie screaming at the TV in her Bears jersey while she trash talks via Twitter. Other than that, she’s just a goofy news junkie who enjoys anyone that can make her laugh and everyone who has a forward-thinking mind.

Jackie can be reached at jlampugnano [at] gmail [dot] com and of course on Twitter: @jackielamp.


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