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What does your personality type say about your work ethic?

Last week, a coworker gave out a personality test in the office. The test involved a series of four different words, and you would rank the words from “most like you” to “least like you.” After we went through about 20 sequences of words, we added the numbers to see what type of leadership personality we had. What came as a shock to no one, Jackie and I both ended up with the Socializer leadership style.

Among others, the Socializer style was defined by these statements:

  • the communicator promoting style
  • loves to talk
  • visually oriented
  • gets others involved
  • loves to be around people
So what does this say about my work ethic?
From a business perspective, these traits are spot on. Rarely do I ever like to work on projects on my own, and always welcome anyone’s opinion on the project I have at hand. I also love to talk to others as I work, and listen to music while working.

How does it compare to the traits of my coworkers?

From taking the test, I also learned that some of the team members that work on projects with me had completely different personality types. They would rather work on things in quiet, private space, and not have the entire team discussing something. Some also preferred to not collaborate on tasks.

How can you make different personality types work together?
After learning about my coworkers personality types as well as my own, I discovered that having a collection of types is what is best for a team. You don’t want everyone on the team directing and leading, and you also don’t want your entire team to be made up of serious schedule-oriented members. The key is to have an even amount of all types. You can then learn the way they work, as well as see how your personality adds to the flavor of your team as an entirety.

Although it didn’t come as a surprise to me what style I fell under, the test made me think about what a big difference leadership types can make on your workforce. Knowing what type you are as well where your coworkers fall can lead to a better understanding of ideas on projects. It can also teach you why people think about things the way they do. I encourage you to try them in your office. You can find tests online here and here.

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4 thoughts on “What does your personality type say about your work ethic?

  1. Hi Kimberly,

    I accepted your challenge.

    I took the Lewin test, and the results said something about being “awesome” and having a “participative and delegative leadership style.” It’s all true.

    Good links!

    -Chris Ehrlich

  2. Brian Malone on said:

    Interesting article, and reminds me of a recent communication/leadership style assessment I took as an elective developmental course offered by my company.

    It’s called the DiSC profile (website below), and you may already know what it is, as it’s quite popular among large firms. I’ve taken several of these assessments, and I found this one to be far and away the most forthcoming regarding what you believe to be your most effective communication/leadership style vs. your perceived style (also known as your “mask”).

    The DiSC profile is also quite beneficial is not only identifying yours and your team members’ communication styles, but one also learns how to more effectively “navigate” across the D, I, S, and C communication styles outlined in the assessment. In turn, one can become a more versatile leader/communicator, and I have found myself becoming more and more adept on identifying others’ styles. This has allowed me to transcend my ideas and directives across diverse, cross-functional teams rather seamlessly.

    I realize the article was more about the relationship between personality style and work ethic, but my experience w/ this assessment was too relevant to the topic for me not to comment.

    DiSclosure (see what I did there?): I have zero affiliation with any company that provides this assessment or any related services.

    • Brian,

      That looks like an awesome test. Communication styles are definitely important to understand, especially in a work setting. Companies should consider giving these tests before a new employee starts, to get a feel for their work ethic/communication style.

      Thanks for your comment!

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