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What is your biggest phone “fail” moment?

While we are usually giving our perspective on industry hot topics, we decided for our Friday post that we would do something that most can relate to.

Gen-Y is known for their texting addiction. But have you ever texted someone or received a text that just didn’t sound right? Well you can thank auto correct for that one. The site Damn You Auto Correct is becoming an internet sensation for all of the awkward and hilarious situations that auto correct cell phones can put you in. Jackie and I turned to the Twitter stream to find some more funny moments.

Lauren Fernandez (@cubanalaf): Only “appropriate” one is when I texted Chris (my ex) to take the baby out of the fridge…… and meant bacon 😛 Hilarity ensued.

(@cubanalaf) Best one I ever received….. my friend Shaulty texted me “I have a bad case of the manboobs” and meant “Mondays”

Jason Mollica (@JasMollica): Honestly had my BB recommend F**K for function. I was writing “I’m heading to a function tonight.”

Jake Cripe (@JakeCripe) : mine has changed “coughing” to “coming”…#awkwardtexttomymother

Andrew Cross (@andrew_w_cross): Texting “Asian” to “Brian” (same 5 keys). Brian is Asian.

Seth Drury (@sethdrury): my phone used to always say “polio” when I meant “lol.” Also I use the word “uber” and it always extends it to “ubersexual.”

What is your awkward texting moment? Add it to our comments section. Happy Friday!


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