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Is Gen Y using Twitter to their benefit?

If you didn’t realize already, I am a huge advocate for Twitter. I am on there every day pretty much, and I have met some truly amazing people from the site. However, I have so many friends that are looking for jobs/internships and give me the hardest time for telling them to make one. Granted you need to do other things besides be on Twitter, it’s a great place to start. Here are some quick Friday tips for using Twitter the right way (in my opinion of course):

Get involved in chats.

Every day, there are thousands of people that get involved in chats on Twitter. Using a #hashtag  and setting a specific time lets people all engage on the same topic, and share ideas. My personal favorite is #u30pro, a chat started by David Spinks, Lauren Fernandez, and Scott Hale. It’s a community and twitter chat that focuses on issues and trends surrounding young professionals. Not only can you gain knowledge from people that are in the same field as you, you can meet some awesome people too.

TALK to people.

Sounds crazy, right? Talking to people seems like something everyone would know to do. I have seen plenty of accounts that just RT articles (usually just their own) and don’t take the time to talk to anyone. Remember: Twitter is a conversation. If you are just RTing posts all day, people will get sick of you fast. Have as many @ replies as you do article posts. Keep the conversations going.

Show some personality.

It’s okay to tweet about things you are into that don’t relate to your job. I’m pretty sure that a good 50% of my tweets are about the Chicago Bulls. No matter what team you root for or what hobby you have, its good to let people see it every now and then. It shows you are on there to let people know more about you, and not just your job.

For most, these tips are a refresher. Do you have any quick Twitter tips? Let me know what they are.

And lastly, never, under any circumstance, should you send an Auto DM. Don’t even get me started on those….

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8 thoughts on “Is Gen Y using Twitter to their benefit?

  1. I think the personal stuff is important to include on a tweet stream. When people ONLY tweet work/industry related things, it gets boring after a while. Having a good balance of both professional and personal is vital in keeping followers engaged.

  2. I think this is a good primer, Kimberly.

    Twitter can be an intimidating space… I think people have to figure out WHY they want to be on Twitter. That will help shape your voice. Are you looking to network professionally? If so, yes you should mix in some tweets that reflect your personally… but don’t present yourself in a way that will come back to haunt you.

    The internet is forever… dun dun dun.

  3. Definitely agree to let your personality through, as it helps others gain a better understanding of who you are and the things you like. Along those lines, don’t be afraid! You might be timid about following or engaging someone, but don’t be. A majority of people I’ve encountered on Twitter are very respectful, helpful and love to chat.

  4. Very interesting perspective. I started on Twitter as a means to communicate with my friends… back when Twitter was done using SMS (hence the 140 character limit). It has grown and evolved, and so too should its users.

    Thanks for this “refresher.”

    • Glad you liked the post! Twitter is a great way to instantly communicate with thousands. It’s so important to know the basics before you get started as they can come back to help you so much! Thanks for the comment.

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