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What’s the best way to stick to New Year’s resolutions?

With the Christmas rush finally at a close, it’s time to start looking ahead to the new year approaching us. Like many, I usually have huge goals for myself in January, but come March they are all just distant memories. This year, it’s time to make some attainable goals and stick to them. Since I needed solid advice for sticking to my plans, I turned to my Twitter friends. They gave me some awesome tips, check them out here:

Bex Allen

“Make ’em small and make ’em with a buddy.”

Christa Marzan

“Last year, I did some blog posts about how mine were going. Announcing them publicly normally guilts you into keeping them.”

Ashley Haynes

“1) Make it reasonable & reachable 2) Get someone else involved – partners are good to push each other!!”

Seth Drury

“Try to find some group/partner resolutions to follow or share your list with friends in order to keep the goals in check.”

Jenn McTigue

“If you tell a lot of people what you want to do you’ll have to do it. Picture yourself achieving your goal before you go to bed and you’re more likely to achieve it.”


“Take it on a day-to-day basis and expect to falter, dont think that if broken once, twice, etc that means you’ve blown it.”

Angie C.

“Tell someone else about your resolution so that way you have someone that can help you with it or motivate you with it. Or for me if someone knows what I want to do and loves the idea I would hate to let not only myself down but them as well.”

Sarah Haverkamp

“Decide on a resolution that is attainable. Also surround yourself with people who can support you in sticking to your goal.”

An P

“Set one goal, that is the best way.”

Matt Lindner

“Be very, very specific with what you want to accomplish. Has to be a change in your life that you’ve needed to make. It can’t be something that’s impossible, otherwise you’ll give up way before and wind up just as unhappy.”

Keith Stoeckeler

“Write them down and post where you can see the paper daily. Track your progress (probably an app for that). Also important to give yourself small rewards to appreciate your progress thus far and keep yourself motivated for completion.”

Elliot Volkman

“I find setting a timeline and making goals help.”

Brian Santiago

“My best way to keep my New Years resolution are Post-Its……I love em! I stick em in random places to remind myself daily!”

So even if you aren’t making resolutions this year (like my friend Paul), you could still use these tips for any type of goal setting. My personal tip is to stay positive no matter what. If your goal isn’t turning out the way you planned, maybe you should look at how you are approaching it.

Thanks to C Falco for helping me get the word out about this post!

Good luck everyone and Happy New Year! : )


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2 thoughts on “What’s the best way to stick to New Year’s resolutions?

  1. I love Jim Rohn’s philosophy about success and I think it applies so well to New Year’s resolutions: “A few simple disciplines practiced every day.” (definition of failure was a few errors in judgment repeated every day). So, if my deal is to lose weight, then my goal is 4 walks a week to start, not lose 20 lbs by March 1 (although I tend to try to still do the 20 lbs option).

    • Brett,
      I agree! I love the idea you mention of “A few simple disciplines practiced every day.” I am right there with you in the sense I always want to rush into a goal. Taking your time and doing it right is the hardest part of resolutions, I hope this year I can take it slow and learn a lot! Thanks for your comment and happy new year!

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