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When is it time to switch up your strategy?

As many people know, I am a huge theater nerd. I’m always reading up on the latest shows/premieres, and this week “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” a musical, was the newest show to open for previews in New York City.

The show has had its problems in the process, from costing an estimated $65 million to create, to having constant push backs on the opening date. The show’s first premiere Sunday opened with 5 stops throughout the show, and opened 24 minutes late.

Granted I love Broadway, and I think the show is an awesome idea, when is it time to rethink your strategy? The show has already opened to critics giving it the thumbs down due to actor safety, time of construction, and the fact that the show cannot even tour due to cost of moving the set around. Should the show rethink its set? Or should it try it out for awhile and see what happens?

This is the same question you should ask yourself about social media strategy. Let’s say you have an awesome vision for a way to execute. If you are building up a blog or a Twitter to get your name out there, is your strategy working? Or are you wasting too much money (or in this case time) on an idea that will not be executed well?

Let’s say you have been building up a blog/Twitter for 3 months. If you don’t see a rise in pageviews/followers in that time, rethink your approach. Are you inviting people to your blog, or are you just constantly posting the same article? Letting people know your blog is there and to check it out will help you grow your following. Also, what kinds of followers are you trying to attract on Twitter? Make sure your posts would be of interest to them if they are the crowd you want to engage. There is nothing wrong with self promotion on Twitter, just make sure you are sending out the right message to the crowd.

The great thing about social media is that you can try out hundreds of different approaches and it won’t cost you a dime. When you do figure out the right approach for you, be sure to stick with it. Consistency is key, especially in a world where there are millions of others trying to get their names out there.



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4 thoughts on “When is it time to switch up your strategy?

  1. Great post. One question to ask for your social media strategy, however, is what is the ultimate goal? Gaining more traffic and engagement is great, but what do you hope to do with that traffic/engagement? Get a job? Sell a product?? As a communicator, I have no agenda but that of my client. If the client is me, I have bigger needs than more followers. Perhaps it’s a good reputation for thoughtful PR insights (leading to new clients or employers). Perhaps it’s new customers for my [insert product here].

    Great analogy Jackie!

    • Great comment! I agree. Knowing the true goal of your client’s campaign is vital to it’s success. Making sure you do your research and talk to them can make or break the entire process. Open communication is key. Thanks so much for your thoughts!

  2. Very insightful post.

    Often times I see people ackowledging the fact that the strategy needs to be changed but reluctant to take actions.

    Most of social media tools are free, but different platforms have different dashboards and probably different functionality. And it takes time to get used to new tools or approaches. Some get comfortable using certain approaches/channels and thus do not want to change to another.

    It will be nice to see another post from you girls about minimizing the resistance of switching one social media approach to another.

    • Thanks so much Evelyn! I agree about people seeing a problem with a strategy and not brainstorming to change it. I will definitely think about posting on switching one media approach to another. I will let you know when I post that one! : )

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