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Do you use your social networks for social good?

Today’s blog post is inspired by one of my favorite social media/PR correspondents, Sarah Evans. Sarah, who is one of the most social, kind hearted people in the industry, heard about the fire that destroyed Eva’s Bridal in Oak Lawn Illinois on Wednesday. She decided to not only Tweet that she would loan out her own wedding dress to a bride in need, but also set up a Google Document where people can come and add their bridal gowns to the list, loaning them out to brides who are now left without dresses. Right now there are over 300 people on the list to loan out their dresses.

This heartwarming story lead me to think – do you ever use your social networks to help out others?

I’m not saying you have to start tweeting about things you aren’t passionate about just because you think others will appreciate it, but look at your personal profile and ask yourself: what image of myself is the internet seeing? You may think you have your social networks under control, but what does the world see? It’s a great thing to stop and think about. So before you tweet that complaint about your burnt bagel, maybe just tweet something positive that’s happened in your day. And besides, do you really want to be known as the person online who complains about everything? Having a positive voice on the internet can only lead to greater things.

This concludes my public service announcement for the day. Everyone have a great weekend!


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