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Team Facebook vs. Team Google: Which side are you on?

I don’t mean to pick sides, but this is an interesting topic.

Today, Facebook announced the launch of their e-mail/inbox service. Even though they are calling it a “social inbox” instead of e-mail, each user will have an address. Honestly, I’m not too excited about it.

Although I am a social media nerd who is obsessed with new ways of meeting and interacting with others, it will be hard for me to want to use a Facebook e-mail account. To me, Facebook is a place to see what is new with my friends and family, and keep up on the latest events my friends are attending and promoting. If I want to talk to someone personally and privately, I send them a message. It’s as simple as that.

Besides that, Facebook doesn’t really have the privacy issues under control yet, and I am always constantly checking to see how mine are set to make sure I am not giving out information I don’t want to. I’d say step one would be to get privacy orders managed. That way you have the users trust and they know they can trust the service. When I polled my Facebook friends/Twitter users yesterday, 90% said they would not use a Facebook e-mail/messaging account because of privacy issues.

Another point that was raised was that G-Mail already has e-mail under control for many. With the amount of free space available, a chat option integrated, and fast connectivity already in place, most G-Mail users will stay right where they are.  And how could you blame them? I am totally on Team Google for that reason alone. I don’t need to set up an entirely new e-mail account, let alone have another account I have to check.

Don’t get me wrong, I still spend countless hours on Facebook each week. I just feel the need isn’t there for an e-mail account. Maybe once they roll out the plans for it there will be more rationale behind it, but for now I am on the fence.

What do you think?

In other e-mail related news, AOL announced a new launch of their e-mail service. You can read more about that here.


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8 thoughts on “Team Facebook vs. Team Google: Which side are you on?

  1. Desiree Mahr on said:


    Great post! I am Team Google, for the same reasons that you mentioned above. In my opinion, the Facebook announcement failed to “wow” the masses. More than anything, it magnified its similarity to GoogleWave and Gmail Priority Inbox. I also agree that Facebook’s privacy issues will deter many from using these new features. I don’t blame them.

    Another thing to add to the discussion is the low level of professionalism that a Facebook email address will give off. Facebook has long been associated with being social, not being professional. That’s just one more reason people will keep the email addresses they already have, instead of switching over to Facebook.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Desiree,
      Thanks so much for your comment! That is a great point about the professionalism of a Facebook email. Also, so many want to hide their Facebook accounts from business/companies, and having an email address will not help with that! Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. akismet-73dd4b39a9e9d6baf745e214cacd1e34 on said:

    I think the fact that we haven’t even seen what the fb email has to offer and it is already being referred to as the “gmail killer”, speaks more to the the ability of fb staff to form the structure of the discourse surrounding this release than it does to the actual utility of either fb’s social inbox or gmail.

  3. Great article and thanks for bringing me up to speed!

    To be honest, I haven’t given all these new email options much thought. The only incentive that would work on me is increased file attachment sizes. I’m a Gmail user, but also have Rogers (our Comcast), Hotmail (from high school) and university email accounts, so I’d rather not add ANOTHER. Oh, and of course work email accounts; how could I forget!

    Do you find yourself using Facebook as much these days? I still use it periodically but I’m more of a Twitter fan now. Facebook is still the best for photos and since virtually everyone has an account, Google and Facebook have essentially replaced the Yellow Pages for me.

    • I’m right there with you with having too many e-mail accounts already. I am an avid Facebook user, but only to talk with friends/family. I wouldn’t want a Facebook e-mail or inbox, just because I don’t want to have to deal with another account to check. But I still love Facebook for it’s original features. Thanks for your response Mike!

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  5. As mentioned previously the professionalism is one consideration. But looking at it more holistically, Facebook centers around connection whereas GMail centers around communication. The big distinction for me is the ability to quickly search through GMail for items of historical relevance. Could Facebook get there? Yes. But right now Google ties into so many different facets of my life that it would take a massive offering to unlodge me (calendar, contacts, picasa, Google docs, Latitude, etc.). Facebook continues to chip away at different pieces, but Google has entire departments addressing these various products; and with Chrome OS right around the corner, it seems best that Facebook concentrate on the Social Networking aspect.

    About a week ago I accepted my invite for Facebook mail, but honestly at 32 years old this product is not geared for me and I have yet to use it.

    Just like you, I am on the fence about this new offering. Afterall, it’s just another e-mail inbox for me to check (like many people I have two: Exchange for work and a personal account). But who knows…?

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